No Show Charges of Air India

When a person is not able to do check-in and board the plane and has also not cancelled the flight ticket within the stipulated time period, the person is said to have done a ‘No Show’. In brief, it means that the person has not shown within the defined time period. Air India levies charges in cases of No Show before it considers the refunds of ticket amount.

The No Show Charges of Air India depend on class of travel.

Air_India_no show charges

Generally, for economy class travellers on RBDs T, S and E, the tickets are non-refundable and the basic fare is sought to be forfeited. This is done when the ticket cancellation happens less than 24 hrs before departure of flight. For economy travellers on RBDs H,K,Q,V,W,G,L and U, if No Show is reported less than 1 hour before departure of flight, the non-refundable basic fare is forfeited.

For economy RBDs B,M and Y, and all other higher classes of travel (RBDs Z,C,D,J on Business class and F&A on First Class, the charges are levied for No Show and these charges are Rs 2500 or basic fare whichever is lower.

Apart from these cancellation charges, government also levies GST of 5% in economy class and 12% in Business and First Class.

For other refunds charges, please refer here.

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