Air India Flights to United States


India is connected to major cities of United States spanning all its major regions, providing ease of travel to people. Air India also operates international flights to different cities of America. The other Indian airline which operates these flights is Jet Airways.

Air India flies to the city of Newark from Ahmedabad, Delhi and Mumbai in India. Ahmedabad to Newark flight is operated on alternate days- Monday, Wednesday and Friday by flight AI 0171. From Mumbai, the flight to Newark is operated on all seven days. Delhi Newark flights operate on all days of week.

air india flights to us

The city of New York in India is connected by Delhi and Mumbai. Flights from Delhi to New York and Mumbai to New York are also operated on all days of week.  

San Francisco, on the western coast of United States, is connected with Bengaluru and Delhi. Bengaluru to San Francisco flights are operated on all days except Monday whereas Delhi to San Francisco flights fly on all days except Tuesday.

Washington and Chicago are the other two cities of US which are connected to Indian cities. Flights to Washington from Delhi are flown on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Flights to Chicago from Delhi and Hyderabad are operated on all days of week.

So, there are a total of 5 major US cities are connected to 6 Indian cities.

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