Air India Airport Check In

Air India airport check-in would require you to be present at the airline counter at designated times. There is a specific time at which the check in counters will open and a specific time duration for which these will open. Passengers are required to report at the counter sometime before the opening of these counters for completion of all formalities.

We are providing these timelines here for the benefit of passengers.

Domestic Flights – reporting time 75 minutes before departure of flights. Counters will close 45 minutes before departure

Domestic leg of journey for international flights – reporting time is 120 minutes before departure. Counters will close 60 minutes before departure.

International Flights – reporting time is 150 minutes before departure. Counter closing time is 60 minutes before departure.

Journeys from Jammu and Kashmir airports (Leh, Srinagar and Jammu) – reporting time 120 minutes before departure. Counter closing time 45 minutes before departure.

Advance Check In

Advance Check In is available only for passengers travelling from Mumbai airport to USA/UK/Europe.

Kiosk Check in

Kiosk Check in facility is provided only at some airports only for domestic flights. You can also get the boarding passes printed using kiosks.

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